North Carolina's premier Time Trial Series!

February 2nd   -   April 5th   -   May 3rd
The Race
The Course
The Athletes
Cycling time trials are solo events that push riders to achieve the best result they can, racing only themselves and the ever ticking hands of the clock. Intrepid racers are set off at intervals and drafting is off limits.
This event is based on distance – the end goal being for the individual to get from start to finish in the shortest time possible. 

This local 10 mile time trial is a great way of measuring your fitness and speed. It is an easy discipline to enter and appeals to anyone from the really keen time trialist to the more everyday cyclist interested in trying something different. The great thing with this 10 mile course is that you can just turn up on a decent road worthy bike and see how you get on.

We offer competition categories for male and female cyclists of all ages. 
We will have a traditional aerodynamic class, as well as, a non-aerodynamic (Eddy Merckx) class, in addition to a team-time trial format.
The fastest competitor/s in each age/gender/class category with at least 3 time trial times recorded is recognized with an award at the end of the series.