Coach Matthew Clancy, M.S.
Swimming, Cycling, Running, Multi-Sport
Certifications: Multiple
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Coach Frances McEachran
Swimming, Triathlon, Cross Fit
Certifications: USA Triathlon Level I, ASCA, Cross Fit
Coach Sandra Clancy
Running, Triathlon, Women’s Groups
Certifications: USA Triathlon Level I
Coach Sheila H. McDevett
Triathlon Coach
Certifications: Triathlon Research, Crossfit Level I, Crossfit Endurance, Precision Nutrition Level I, USA Cycling

Coach Graeme Hampton
Cycling Coach
Ironman Coach
Certifications: USA Cycling Level II, Ironman University Certified, PhD
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E3 Endurance is always looking for individuals who want to coach and change the performances, and lives, of our athletes.

Please send us a note if you are looking to join our team.